Balos Lagoon, Kissamos

To the northwest of Crete is Gramvoùsa. It is a peninsula in the west of which lies the beautiful beach of Balos. In the peninsula of Gramvousa is a castle which was built by the Venetians and was used as a fortress against the conquerors who occasionally want to trespass. Eventually the Turks managed to conquer the castle bribing the Venetian commander! Balos beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Very fine white and red sand, shallow waters and at some point a lagoon with crystal clear turquoise waters. To reach this Gramvousa and Balos beach, you can get one of the boats that starting every day from the port of Kissamos (Kastelli). Balos beach is accessible also by land, but please note that last approx. 8 km of the road is dirt road and almost impossible to access by regular car. We strongly suggest that you take the boat from Kissamos (Kastelli).

Distances from:

Hersonissos: 211 Km
Heraklion: 190 Km
Chania: 52 Km
ONYX Rentals: 213 Km