Koules Fort, Heraklion

The imposing medieval fortress of Koules still stands at the beginning of the western breakwater of the modern port of Heraklion. Its real name is Rocca al Mare, named so by its Venetian founders. Koules, or the Great Koules like it is called, was not the sole ruler of the port. Opposite it, in today’s […]

Morosini Fountain (Lion’s Fountain), Heraklion

The Morosini Fountain located at Eleftherios Venizelos Square in the center of Heraklion, Heraklion, but for this name is unknown and is commonly referred to as the Square Lions or Lions for short. It is now one of the most important monuments of the city and is one of those who bequeathed it to the […]

Palace of Knossos, Heraklion

With large excavations made in Heraklion Crete at the late 19th century and later came to the surface of the ground the remains of a phenomenal civilization, The Minoan civilization which is the first high civilization in Europe in about the years 2800 to 1000 BC. The Arthur Evans, the English archeologist of Knossos, named […]

Potamos Beach and Malia Palace, Malia

Potamos beach is located next to the main beach of Malia and is very close to the Archaeological Site of this area,Minoan Palace of Malia. It was named after the river that flows into the eastern side of the beach. Potamos beach is a quiet beach, chosen by those who want to avoid the busiest […]

The Old Venetian Harbour, Chania

Think about the old Venetian harbour of Chania as the gemstone on the most priceless jewel of western Crete, called old town of Chania. It will amaze you whenever you visit it. The quay is the busiest part of the old town of Chania, filled with cafes, restaurants, bars, bakeries and other shops. However, the […]

Venetian Fortezza, Rethymnon

The famous Fortezza is the most prominent building in Rethymnon. It rises on a rock hill Palaiokastro on the west side of town and overlooks the picturesque Venetian port. On the Fortezza there was once an ancient temple of the goddess Artemis. After the terrible attack of Algerian pirates Ouloutz Ali in 1571, which gave […]

Lake Voulismeni, Agios Nikolaos

The lake of Agios Nikolaos in the centre of town is the most famous landmark of Agios Nikolaos for visitors and locals alike. The lake of Agios Nikolaos is also known as Voulismeni (“sunken”), and by the unattractive name of Vromolimni (“Stinkylake”), acquired in times past, when the stagnant waters of the lake gave off […]

Lassithi Plateau

Natural fortress between the mountains Selena, Master Christ and divine Dikti, nestles the Lassithi Plateau. In this natural and safe place, with the amazing views of beauty and isolation and friendly people Region: Its capital is the beautiful seaside town of Agios Nikolaos . It also has attractive touristy routs and resorts with up-to-date services, […]

Cave of Zeus (Dikteon Cave, Psychro Cave), Lassithi Plateau

The impressive cave of Zeus, the Diktaean Cave, is located just 10 minutes walking-distance from Psychro, in Lassithi Plateau, at an altitude of 1025m. The Dikteon Cave is famous in Greek mythology as the place where Amalthea, nurtured the infant Zeus with her goat’s milk. In Psychro there is plenty of parking areas, with plenty […]

Samaria Gorge National Park

The Samaria Gorge Farranga or as the locals call it, is located 43 km south of Chania. The entrance of the gorge is situated at an altitude Xyloskalo 1227 meters. H Xyloskalo position took its name from a wooden ladder that was there again and facilitated the descent into the canyon. Also in this area […]

Phaistos, Heraklion

Phaistos was the second largest city of Crete in 2000 BC, after Knossos, and is now an important archaeological site. Located about 62 km southwest of Heraklion, Crete, south of the river of Geropotamos. Built on a low hill at an altitude of 100 m above sea level, surrounded by towering mountains of Psiloritis and […]

Eleftherna, Rethymnon

On the northwestern slopes of Mount Ida and just 30 km from Rethymnon, the archaeological site of Eleftherna spans 3,750 acres, there are still excavation carried out currently at 55 of them, which were purchased from the University of Crete. The findings are mainly from the Geometric period to the Early dating, although the residential […]

Melidoni Cave, Rethymnon

The Cave of Melidoni is about 1,800 meters northwest of the actual village of Melidoni and it is of big interest because of the archaeological finds, some of which are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon. The cave Melidoni otherwise called “Gerontospilios” (the oldman Cave). He was one of the greatest worship caves, and […]

Cretaquarium Thalassokosmos, Heraklion

The aquarium “Thalassocosmos” in Heraklion, Crete offers its guests a new experience for a trip to the mysterious world of sea and marine organisms of the Mediterranean. The Aquarium of Crete aims to inform and educate on issues concerning the marine environment, to lead the respect and solidarity with the unique Mediterranean world and inspire […]

Zakros, Sitia

Kato Zakros is a traditional fishing village located 107km east of Agios Nikolaos and 40km east of Sitia. It is the picturesque harbor of Ano Zakros village (located 7km on the west), situated in a fertile valley with olive groves surrounded by rough mountains. The area is one of the most remote areas of Crete and […]

Spinalonga, Elounda

Spinalonga is a small island north of the gulf of Elounda in Lassithi. The ancients called Kalydon when the Venetians occupied called Spinalonga. The fortified and made sure to highlight the beauty of the island and the surrounding area. This is an excellent cosmetic fort that held up very well till today! In 1574 began […]

Zaros, Central Crete

The artificial lake of Zaros or Votomos located on the southern slopes of Psiloritis, just 1km north of Zaros and 45km southwest of Heraklion. The area was a small wetland before 1987, which was shaped in the crater of Votomos spring. It took its current form in 1987, when the Forest Service created an artificial […]

Matala, Red Sand Beach

Matala is situated in southern Crete in Heraklion, about 70 km from the city. This is a small fishing village with the famous, beautiful, sandy beach. The clear, blue waters combined with the small artificial caves are carved into the rocks are the elements that make the unique beach of Matala! Matala has no infrastructure […]

Sitia, East Crete

Sitia or Siteia is a small but charming market town in Lassithi Prefecture, Crete, laid out in a horseshoe shape on the side of a hill in the northeast of the island. Sitia is the seat of Sitia Municipality and one of the most pleasant and attractive towns in Lassithi, retaining its peaceful atmosphere in […]

Ierapetra, South Crete

Ierapetra is in southeast Crete, in an extremely strategic position controlling the south coast of Crete and the Libyan Sea. Favoured both by position and by nature, Ierapetra has always been an important centre of the island. It has grown into the largest town in south Crete and a major tourist destination. When you visit […]

Agia Pelagia, East Crete

Agia Pelagia is a small coastal town with a lovely beach 20 kilometres west of Heraklion, as the national road drifts high above the coastline, you’ll begin to see the first impressive pictures of Agia Pelagia – the type of pictures that postcards are made of. Agia Pelagia has just about everything you’ll need on […]

Bali, Rethymno

The seaside resort of Bali is located in a large gulf, 30km east of Rethymno and 43km west of Heraklion. Next to the village passes the National Road linking Heraklion and Rethymno, making Bali accessible from any part of the island. It is ideal for family and romantic holidays. Bali has four beaches, which are […]

Agia Galini, South Crete

Agia Galini is 61 km southeast of Rethymno and 68 km southwest of Heraklion, about midway along the south coast of Crete. Agia Galini, with its strange but apt name (meaning “Saint Serenity”, or “Holy Peace”), is a small, labyrinthine village built in the shape of an amphitheatre and surrounded by three mountains: Asideroto, Kedros […]

Paleochora, South Crete

Paleochora is located 77 kilometres south of Chania in south-western Crete. The town of Paleochora is built on a long, narrow peninsula that stretches into the Libyan Sea on the south side of Crete, and offers, among other things, a different beach on either side: sandy to the west. pebbly to the east. Paleochora is […]

Loutro, Chania

To the southwest of Crete, in Chania, is the Loutro. This is a small, traditional fishing village where you can reach only by boat from Sfakia and Agia Roumeli, or walk Anopoli Sfakia and Agia Roumeli. The history in this place is very strong, the old city of Phoenix a significant port at roman and […]

Lentas, Southern Crete

Lentas is a remote coastal village located 74km south of Heraklion, on the southern slopes of the imposing Asterousia Mountains. It is a tourist resort, mildly developed, offering very relaxing holidays. Lentas can be accessed from Agii Deka, close to Mires Town, via the village of Miamou, through a narrow paved road. This road crosses […]

Frangokastelo Beach, Sfakia

Fragokastelo (ie the castle of the Franks) is one of the most famous beaches of Crete, famous for the local Venetian Castle on the beautiful beach and thelegendary ghosts of Drosoulites. It is located 13km east of Hora Sfakion, 80km southeast of Chania, in a small valley south of the White Mountains. The main beach […]

Myrthos, South Crete

Mirtos or Myrtos is one of the jewels of Crete, a picturesque seaside village in southeast Crete, near Ierapetra in Lassithi Prefecture. It is the capital of a municipal department consisting of Mirtos and four other villages, and has a population of around 500 (2001 census). Most of the local inhabitants are farmers, a fact […]

Plakias Beach, Rethymno

The Beach of Plakias extends east from the village Plakias. It is one of the biggest beaches in Crete, offering a sense of space and comfort to suit every taste – the east end is mainly used by naturists. There are showers all along the beach and many parking spaces. If it’s windy during your […]

Makrigialos, East Crete

Makrigialos is a find. Some way from any major or developed tourist towns, it lies east of Ierapetra, in Eastern Crete, a 30 minute drive, along a coastline filled with a number of secluded bays and quieter beaches. Easy access to and from Sitia, a one hour drive. The older-seeming harbour area has some character-full […]

Chora Sfakion, South Crete

Chora Sfakíon or Sfakia is a town on the south coast of Chania. It is the capital of the remote and mountainous region of Sfakia, and is a small town of just 278 inhabitants (2001 census). It lies on the south coast near the end of the Imbros Gorge, 74 km south of Chania. It […]

Sacred Monastery of Arkadi, Rethymnon

The monastery of Arcady is located about 70 kilometers from Rethymnon city and has a great history related to the Cretan revolution in 1866. When the monastery was build was just not accurate. It is said that according to tradition founded by Heraclitus and rebuilt by the Byzantine emperor Arcadius in the 5th century from […]