Palace of Knossos, Heraklion

With large excavations made in Heraklion Crete at the late 19th century and later came to the surface of the ground the remains of a phenomenal civilization, The Minoan civilization which is the first high civilization in Europe in about the years 2800 to 1000 BC. The Arthur Evans, the English archeologist of Knossos, named this culture Minoans, the name comes from the famous King Minos. After the excavations have exposed in the middle of the site of Minoan the actual palace of King Minos rich deposits, the royal apartments to religious sites, the huge central courtyard and finally the throne room where they discovered the “throne Minos, “The throne of King Minoas is the oldest in Europe”. In the third millennium (somewhere between 2800 and 2600 BC) in Crete starts a new era, the Bronze Age, characterized by the manufacture of copper and widespread use of metals. The Minoans are known from the paintings, where we see the virtual image, and their works, where we admire their skills. Anthropological classified by some researchers in the Mediterranean race, which typically is the small stature, black hair and eyes.

Distances from:

Hersonissos: 28 Km
Heraklion: 6 Km
Chania: 143 Km
ONYX Rentals: 30 Km